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Charles. H. Houston to Carl Murphy, editor of The Afro-American:
March 10, 1940

10 March 1940

Mr. Carl Murphy, Editor
The Afro-American,
628 N. Eutaw,
Baltimore, Maryland

Dear Carl:

        At last it seems that we are just about to get a chance to strike at discriminations in elementary and rural education. The County-Wide League and the Parent-Teachers Association of Loudoun County, Virginia, exasperated at the procrastination of the district superintendent and the county board of education, have engaged me to lead the fight for them to get equality of educational facilities in Loudoun County for Negro children.

        I have requested a conference with the superintendent and a hearing before the Board of Education at Leesburg, Tuesday March 12 at 10 a.m. I do not know whether they will let me speak or not, but I am going up and I think it will be worse in the end if they do not let me speak. The March 12 meeting is the meeting where the next year’s budget is to be adopted.

        If you care to assign Ralph or somebody to cover the meeting I would be glad to talk with him and give him some data which we have accumulated.

        Hoping your health is completely mended,
I am

Yours sincerely,


Charlie Houston.

(With permission, from the Moorland-Spingarn Research Center , Howard University.)




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